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  • Appraise (INT) - helps to buy cheaper and sell more expensive.
  • Concentration (CON) -participates in the check against disruption of the cast when receiving damage. Required for Autoquicken spell, Autosilent spell and Epic spells. Counterskill - Taunt. . 
  • Discipline (STR) - participates in the check against KnockDown, Disarm, Called Shot.
  • Heal (WIS) - added as a value when using a first aid kit to heal. 
  • Hide (DEX) - Used to hide from enemies. Counterskill - Spot.
  • Intimidate (CHA) - affects the effectiveness when intimidating enemies, increases DC for Barabrian Rage.
  • Listen (WIS) - a successful roll detects a hiding enemies. Counterskill - Move Silently.
  • Move Silently (DEX) - Allows you to stay in hide while moving. Counterskill - Listen.
  • Open Lock (DEX) - needed to open locked doors, maximum DC 50.
  • Perform (CHA) - Affects the Bard Song and Curse Song fits. With a value of 110, it enhances the spells: Dispel, Balagarn's Iron Horn and War Cry.
  • Persuade - allows you to recieve the Red Dragon Disciple class, class for Bard and Harper Scout, for the rest it is cross-class. Required value 17.
  • Spot (WIS) - a successful roll reveals the one who has just gone to Hide. 
  • Taunt (CHA) - with a successful check against the Concentration skill, the target receives an AC penalty equal to the difference in throws and a spell failure of 30% for 5 rounds. 
  • Tumble (DEX) - for every 5 ranks in this skill (base ranks only, not including feat-, dexterity- or item-bonuses) the character's armor class is also improved by +1. Became cross-class for all classes.
  • Use Magical Device (CHA) - a successful use magic device check allows a character to use a magic item as if your character had the required class, race, or alignment. Became cross-class for classes that have it.

Сanceled or useless[edit | edit source]

  • Spellcraft removed. Autoquicken, autostill, epic spells etc. requirements has been replaced to the Concentration skill.
  • Bluff - not used.
  • Craft Armor - not used.
  • Craft Trap - not used.
  • Craft Weapon - not used.
  • Disable Trap - not used.
  • Lore (INT) - not used.
  • Parry - not used.
  • Pick Pocket - disabled.
  • Ride - not used.
  • Search - not used.
  • Set Trap - not used.