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Useful NPC[edit | edit source]

  • The character's autonomous alignment changer is in the starting location.
  • You can synchronize equipment with the latest changes in the palette at the Frog in the starting location.
  • Faction soldiers come to life together with a statue-protector (Keeper).

Character leveling[edit | edit source]

  • To create a character for a warehouse with hast and +12 strength, you need to register Mule or mule in Diety. 
  • Experience system from easy to hard: the higher the level, the more difficult it is to get the next one. 
  • Starting at level 35, the bonus to experience gained from a fame is reduced by 20%.
lvl value
35 80%
36 60%
37 40%
38 20%
39 0%
40 0%

Death of a character (murder)[edit | edit source]

  • When the character dies, a gravestone and a corpse appear, which can be taken. The character can be brought back to life with the spells Ressurection and Raise dead. In this case, 10% and 20% of the experience necessary to reach the next level is lost.
  • When leaving the Abyss, the penalty is 40%.
  • You can also regain a part of the lost experience by forgiving your sins at the tombstone at the place of death.
  • Characters level 40 do not lose experience on death, excluding Epic/Set boss locations. In this case, the character's corpse and gravestone do not appear.
  • When a level 20+ character is killed by a player of the enemy faction, there is a chance of dropping items. The drop chance is calculated using the formula 20% + 1% for every 50 items found by the faction killed by Epic and Set. Items also drop out of inventory - for each item, the drop chance is 50%. Potion bottles, first aid kits, crafted items have a 0% drop chance.
  • When a level 20+ character is killed by an NPC, and the player of the enemy faction is in the same location, there is also a chance of items falling out.
  • For killing a character of a hostile faction, whose level is 35 and above, give Soul Stone

Information useful for beginners[edit | edit source]

  • The Fame Shop is invoked by using a thing on your character that is given to everyone when they first enter Cormyr, called Player Wand.
  • Some feats have been reworked.
  • Characters with the Epic Dodge feat cannot use shields.
  • Characters with an Improved two weapon fighting feat receive +1 to Shield AC for every 10 character levels (except for the Monk class).
  • Certain alignment requirements for classes have been removed.
  • Any of the chaos shields lowers AC by 20 (-5 for each type). 
  • Respawn mini and epic bosses 30 minutes and 2.5 hours, respectively.
  • In order to create a test character, the character name must contain the word [test] (with square brackets, any case). After a character leaves the server, he is deleted.
  • Characters with neutral alignment cannot go beyond the starting location.