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General commands[edit | edit source]

!stat - server's player statistics.

!top - top 10 players

!topd - top players in different timeframes

!fstat - factions kills/deaths statistics

!lstat - loot statistics

!time - current server's time

!boss - check bosses cooldown statuses

!fame - check account's free fame

!fame <amount> - transfer fame to teammate

!money - check a bank account

!money <amount> - cashless money transfer

!runes - show all known runes

!delete - delete character

!stash/list - your available stashes list

!stash/new/NAME/PASSWORD - create new stash with "NAME" name and "PASSWORD" password, stash without password available for owner only.

!stash/edit/ID/NAME/PASSWORD - change NAME и PASSWORD. Available for stash owner only.

!stash/open/ID/PASSWORD - open stash, the password is needed to access another player's stash only.

!combatlog - extended information about attacks

!checklevels - displays all character's feats and the levels at which they were taken.

Commands available for premium accounts only[edit | edit source]